Pyer Moss

Hi there,

I'm finally back on the blog after more than one year break due to a lot of changes in my new life of Dad.

For this come back, I wanted to talk about a designer I particularly like at the moment : Pyer Moss.

Pyer Moss is an american label based in NYC created by Kerby Jean-Raymond in 2013. He started becoming famous for his first show presented at the New York Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 18-19 collection, introducing at the same time a partnership with Reebok (Ready to wear line + sneakers) . His approach to fashion is between the personal and the political which is a kind of mix between original streetwear style and a more contemporary vision to make timeless collections. The label is also a way for commentary the American society and culture by putting strong slogans on garments (see photos).

What I particularly like with Pyer Moss label ? I would say first for his collections which are very colorful, interesting in term of styling, always playing in between streetwear/sportswear and very luxurious pieces with a touch of classy/elegant vibes. I also love the campaigns, they are vintage and contemporary at the same time. And last point, it's truly easy to wear and timeless as he wanted his label.

I let you discover some photos of his recent collections under Pyer Moss label and also his collaboration with Reebok.

Don't hesitate to give me your thoughts on Pyer Moss label, his approach of fashion ?

See you soon, I'll try to post more regularly.

Chroniques d'un Accro à la Mode

Photos from Pyer Moss website


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