Plain Geometric Clothing

Hello everyone,

This week, I would like to make you discover a brand that I particularly like, 07A Concept. An unique clothing and design concept.
Each piece represents a geometric shape when you put it flat. It can be a circle, triangle, a square or even a rectangle as the one worn on the pictures. You never know how it will fit you if you don't try on. The other thing which is quite interesting is that the pieces have seamless and hemless edges, it's all assembled using tape bonding, ultrasonic welding and laser techniques to keep the garment as flat as possible.

I made this outfit with my girlfriend, she wanted something sexy and feminine. So, I decided to match this 07A garment with a Rick Owens asymmetric top with a contrasting color such as this yellowish taupe. A pair of ankle boots by Ann Demeulemeester in order to make the silhouette taller.
She's wearing two different bracelets to accessorize the outfit. One is in leather by Parts of 4 and it matches perfectly with the top and the other in silver by Ralph Lauren.

Let me know what do you think of 07A concept and also this outfit.

Have a wonderful week end.

Chroniques d'un Accro à la Mode

07A Dress
Ann Demeulemeester Ankle boots
Parts of 4 Leather bracelet
Ralph Lauren Silver bracelet


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